The Inauguration of the 47th Council of Singapore Xin Sheng Poets Society successfully completed.

The Inauguration of the 47th Council of Singapore Xin Sheng Poets Society successfully completed.

At Sunday, 20th January at 11am, the Inauguration Ceremony of the 47th Council of Singapore Xin Sheng Poetry Society was held at the Society’s premises. Justice of Peace Toh Soon Huat, Life Honorary President of Xin Sheng Poets Society and Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution, was invited to witness the swearing-in, ceremony and the Life Honorary President, Mr. Loh Hoon Sun , served as Supervising officer of the Council.

The members of the Council are as follows:

Appointed the Life Honorary President: Zhan Zunquan

President: Zheng Jinyu

Vice President: Chen Chuiliang

Vice President: Lin Junli

Treasurer: Ou Chunfang

Deputy Treasurer: Wang Siyi

Chinese Secretary: Chen Yanren

English Secretary: Xu Sirong

Culture and Education Officer: Chen Chuiliang

Deputy Culture and Education Officer: Xie Zhengchun

Publication Officer: Cai Linghua

Deputy Publication Officer: Liu Yiling

Councilors: Zhu Tianshou, Zhou Heshun, Yu Xianghe, Wu Yingfa

Auditors: Chen Suzhen, Li Zhong

Xin Sheng Poets Society is an important cultural group in Singapore, located in Singapore’s traditional cultural reserve – Smith Street, Chinatown. The Poets Society has been in existence for 61 years, and has continued to contribute to the Chinese poetry community and cultivate new people. In recent years, Xin Sheng Poets Society has actively participated in international cultural exchange activities and promoted cooperation with cultural organizations such as the poets societies of China, Malaysia and other places with remarkable results, such as co-organizing activities such as “” and “”. Xin Sheng Poets Society also promoted poetry through Chinese traditional culture courses, poetry choir classes, reading clubs, etc. It has gradually created a new popular trend of poetry culture in Singapore.

During the event, Toh Soon Huat donated $3,000 to support the Poets Society to offer a series of courses. He said, “Charity and universal love are bound together. We should collaborate and dedicate ourselves to this meaningful cause.”

Poetry is the spiritual home of mankind. Reading poetry can not only cultivate one’s own cognition of beauty, but also learn the truth of life and the world. Wishing Xin Sheng Poets Society booming success and thriving growth!