“Ping Ge Qian Yi’s 10th Anniversary Charity Luncheon” was a complete success, raising $33,684 for Sian Chay Medical Institution

“Ping Ge Qian Yi’s 10th Anniversary Charity Luncheon” was a complete success, raising $33,684 for Sian Chay Medical Institution
       October 12, 2019

At noon today, Ms. Fan Qianping, a singer well-known for performing for charity, successfully held the “Ping Ge Qian Yi’s 10th Anniversary Charity Luncheon” at Ban Heng Restaurant. Dr. Lam Pin Min, Senior Minister of State for the Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Health, was the guest of honour. Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution Mr Toh Soon Huat, J.P., Board Directors Mr Jackson Teo, Mr Raymond Chua, senior media professional Ms. Guan Xuemei and friends and relatives, totalling about 600, attended the event.

   Dr Lam said in his address: “Today, everyone is gathered here for a very meaningful event. I am also very happy to be invited. I hope that everyone will do more good deeds, do more for charity, and support Sian Chay. Just like what Mr Toh Soon Huat J.P., shared with us, doing good deeds makes people happy.  makes people feel young.”

Mr Toh Soon Huat, J.P., said: “On behalf of my colleagues of Sian Chay Medical Institution, I would like to thank Minister Dr Lam Pin Min for gracing this occasion. I also thank Ms. Fan Qianping and her family for their generous contribution and thanks to Ms. Guan Xuemei for her help and support.  I also thank the many benevolent individuals present for their long-standing support and kindness.  Looking after the public and the elderly is the responsibility and mission of Sian Chay. I urge more to understand Sian Chay and make good use of the Traditional Chinese Medicine charity platform of Sian Chay for health and longevity.  Consultation at our clinics is free and for our Pioneer generation, it is completely free. I wish everyone an enjoyable afternoon here.”

       Special thanks to Ms. Fan Qianping for her contribution to organise this charity luncheon. Not only did she invite 28 tables of 280 elderly people from different charity organisations to share in this joyous occasion, but also led her friends, classmates to do their part for charity, raising $18,960.  She also raised $8260 from selling her collection of dresses and gowns for charity, as well as helped to raise $6464 of donations on the spot, raising a total of $33, 684 to help the poor in society.
A bright journey together with arts for charity with universal love and empathy.  Thank you for your support!

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