Chairman’s Statement

Charity, is a responsibility, a character, a connotation, a value system as well as a cultural accomplishment. As an ideology, an ethical behavior and a social undertaking, charity is the outcome of human development and social progress, which is supreme good of boundless love passed on among human beings. Philanthropy is not only an honourable public welfare promoted all over the world, but also a noble deed of social moral development.

I started to participate in the activities of Sian Chay Medical Institution since 2008 and have all sorts of feelings toward this great historical achievement of 114 years! Over the years, I have been participating in public welfare enthusiastically, hoping to help those in distress and aid those in peril, to benefit the mankind and to make friends through my efforts, realizing the ideal of boundless love for relieving the world during my management. This is not only my regards, but also my responsibility to the society, the public and moral principle. In the future, I will continuously endeavor to involve in social welfare, help the poverty-stricken population in the community and requite the society with gratitude and promote the concept of “The gratitude and consciousness from the public shall make the world peaceful and in harmony.”

In accordance with the Norms of Guidance and Management by Ministry of Health, the management of Sian Chay Medical Institution conducts supervision and approval strictly and uses the donation rationally, which shall enable the funds to be used in a maximum way ; inheriting the will of good acts from the precursors, working together, performing duties, sufficiently developing the spirit of accumulating merits, extensively communicating with social resources, actively encouraging and attracting more generous people to join the philanthropy to contribute to the society and to create a happy and harmonious living environment. “Starting from ourself, doing from hearts”, we hope that more caring people can join the philanthropic work of Sian Chay Medical Institution.

In the past, Sian Chay Medical Institution has acquired concern and support from all leaders, people and friends in the society and this shall continue at present and even in the future. Because of your generous help, we can continuously serve more people who need help. We meet each other because of destiny and shall cherish our relationship because of the same concept. I can hardly express my appreciation to you all even with thousands of words.

Today’s party is the beginning to express gratitude. A team is not an individual behavior but the power of an organization. I am very grateful to all my colleagues in the Board of Directors and Sian Chay Medical Institution, who have made great efforts and contribution diligently and wholeheartfully. In the coming days, I’ll continuously requite this trust and keep making strenuous efforts for the charity by aiming to structure a healthy society, brightening the philanthropy of Sian Chay Medical Institution, promoting development, and making greater contribution to the community.

The New Year is approaching, all of us shall meet new challenges. Let’s start tonight without fear of the difficulties, start from heart and learn to face the challenges in our life optimistically. Learning to care about our families and friends. Requiting for them. Let’s make our individual efforts to the society and the citizens and fulfil our obligation and responsibility as a citizen. Here, I wish all my friends a Happy New Year! Good Health! Happy life! Successful career!
Great thanks and wishes to you!

Toh Soon Huat BBM
Chairman, Sian Chay Medical Institution

Past Years Chairman

Term Year Chairman
82nd 2016 – Current Toh Soon Huat BBM
78th – 81st 2008 – 2015 Toh Soon Huat BBM
77th 2006 – 2007 Lee Kin Hong
66th – 76th 1984 – 2005 Qiu Rui Po
56th – 65th 1964 – 1983 Lin Sheng Zhu
54th – 55th 1960 – 1963 Huang Yi Huan
53th 1958 – 1959 Guo Ke Ji
52th 1956 – 1957 Zhang Shu Yuan