Breathing the Air of Kindness: Gift of Love Sent in the midst of this Epidemic ——Mr. Jackson Teo Donates 31 Air Humidifier cum Purifiers

Breathing the Air of Kindness: Gift of Love Sent in the midst of this Epidemic

——Mr. Jackson Teo Donates 31 Air Humidifier cum Purifiers

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Within the business world, Jackson Teo is the sole agent of the well-known karaoke equipment BMB, and the CEO of Teo Heng Trading Pte Ltd and Teo Heng KTV Studio. Outside the business world, Jackson Teo is a celebrity in the entertainment circle and a top charity singer.

Over the years, Jackson Teo has actively participated in many charitable activities. He has been on the board of Sian Chay Medical Institution for 12 years, and has generously donated $430,000 to the charity. He and Chairman Toh Soon Huat share the same vision and he also subscribes with Chairman Toh’s philosophy of transparent financial management and attention to details. He always says with a smile, “You will gain when you give. When I joined the board of Sian Chay 12 years ago, I had only one Teo Heng KTV studio and Sian Chay had only one clinic. Now Sian Chay has 14 branches, and I have also opened 14 KTV studios. In fact, there are many ways to do good deeds; one does not necessarily only donate money. It can be a simple gesture, or a small gesture from the heart.  For me, I just use my own way to help those in need. Maybe to others, that is doing charity. To me, I am just doing my part.”

He also said, “Every time, when I cannot get over issues, Chairman Toh always tells me not to take things too hard and tells me to sing a song for the elderly. He also enlightened me saying, If you are the big ocean, then you will not be bothered about a small boat in your waters; but if you are just a small lake, then you may not be able to accommodate the same boat. Therefore, we must work hard to improve ourselves to become the big ocean.

In the midst of this epidemic, he kindly sponsored 31 air humidifiers cum purifiers for Sian Chay’s 14 branches islandwide to keep the indoor air fresh. The air humidifier cum purifiers can effectively sterilize the air, improve indoor air quality, eliminate toxic gases, and reduce the spread of contagious diseases.

Mr. Jackson Teo is also a disciple of Mr. Liu Chia-Chang, a Chinese music master. A music lover, he has always been pursuing to his love of music unwaveringly. He spent $100,000 to produce 10,000 albums – “The Sun in My Heart” for charity, and donated all the sales proceeds to Sian Chay. He plans to make 100,000 copies to raise $1 million. To date, more than 10,000 copies of his album have been sold and more than $100,000 have been raised. The album features new songs by local musician John Teo on top of many Liu Chia-Chang’s classics. The album songs include: 1) The Sun in My Heart, 2) Hua Quan Village, 3) Autumn Poems, 4) We Two Are Together, 5) My Happy Family, 6) Deep in My Heart, 7) The Sun Never Changes, 8) A Winding Stream , 9) Justice Bao Qingtian, 10) The Clown, 11) Calling and 12) The Path of Life.

Thanks to Mr. Jackson Teo for spreading great love and compassion with his vocals. Thanks to Director Jackson Teo for warming countless people in need through his generous donation and love for Sian Chay.