His Philanthropy Benefitted Generations – To Commemorate the 50th death anniversary of Mr. Lee Kong Chian

His Philanthropy Benefitted Generations

– To Commemorate the 50th deathanniversary of Mr. Lee Kong Chian

Lee Kong Chian (1893 – 1967), originally from Nanan, Quanzhou of Fujian Province, is the role model of educated businessmen, Rubber King in Southeast Asia, educator and philanthropist. He came to Singapore to make a living at the age of 10 , later became a well-known entrepreneur, banker, educator, and philanthropist and social activist by his own efforts. As the founder of Southeast Asia’s first Chinese multinational group, Lee Rubber, he was then known as “King of rubber and pineapple”, and was one of the world’s top ten Chinese wealthy businessmen. As the founder of the world’s leading charity organisation, Lee Foundation, he has been conferred with Datoships by the Sultan of Kelantan and Johor, Malaysia, and honoured as Tan Sri (PMN) by the Yang DePertuan Agong of Malaysia. Mr. Lee committed his life to social welfare, and had made huge contribution to the social welfare causes in Malaysia, Singapore and China.

Sian Chay Medical Institution has a history of more than a hundred years. Since Mr. Toh Soon Huat assumed the chairmanship of Sian Chay in 2008, with the support of the public and the efforts of the Board and the staff, Sian Chay has been transformed after its century-long history, expanding its branch network into 15 clinics in just a few years serving over 1,000 patients daily. Tens of thousands of residents visit its 4 wellness centers for various kinds of recreational health activities.

The Lee Foundation inherited the philanthropic faith of late Mr. Lee Kong Chian, donating $3 million dollars in total through 2014 to 2017 to Sian Chay for establishing the “Pioneer Generation Medical Fund” to benefit the Pioneer Generation patients for the waiver of their medical expenses at Sian Chay. $3 million can support 300,000 patient visits by the PG patients. The Lee Foundation is the organisation which pledged the largest sum since the founding of Sian Chay in 1901. Lee Foundation hopes to make returns to the Pioneer Generation through Sian Chay’s charity TCM services

Mr. Toh Soon Huat appreciated with full gratitude, “Lee Foundation’s major donation greatly motivated us in our toughest days when we were at a loss for the future. We finally gained recognition and appreciation from the largest charity fund in Singapore after so many years of quiet, selfless and wholehearted  contributions to charitysector. Our excitement and gratitude is beyond what words can describe .”

On the occasion of the 50th death anniversary of late Mr. Lee Kong Chian, Lianhe Zaobao will publish a memorial article next Wednesday (October 18) to commemorate it. Sian Chay Medical Institution has delivered its support and welcome your attention as well!