Donation of Tablet PC to support Sian Chay’s Brand Ambassadors’ Charity Work.

Donation of Tablet PC to support Sian Chay’s Brand Ambassadors’ Charity Work.
Saturday, March 7, 2020.

Fundraising is a top priority for Sian Chay’s charity work, and it is also the biggest challenge encountered in practice.

Whether it is the charity organisations or charitable persons, fundraising is an important issue that must be dealt with and solved.

Sian Chay brand ambassadors’ work is to represent Sian Chay Medical Institution to promote the spirit of Sian Chay around Singapore, drive the public’s consciousness of charity, publicize the philanthropic beliefs of Sian Chay, help the public to understand Sian Chay and encourage the public to come to Sian Chay to care and improve their health and  motivate all to donate to charity in order to support the charity work of Sian Chay Medical Institution in providing free traditional Chinese medicine consultation, low-cost medicine, massage therapy, and health care services to the public, especially to the Pioneer Generation.

To better assist brand ambassadors to be effective in raising donations, Sian Chay Medical Institution specially distributed tablet PCs to them so that they can do their work in a timely and effective manner. Here, we would like to give special thanks to the kind people who sponsored the tablet PCs: Lim Kim Soon, Chan Kok Hong, Karen New, Koh Ying Jie, Jeffrey Chew Choon Heng, Glenn Chua, Jimmy Tan Cheng Seng and Chia Kok Siong.  We also give special thanks to Mr. Raymond Chua, Board Director of Sian Chay Medical Institution, for his assistance. Through the sharing of the brand ambassadors, we hope that we can rally more kindness, so that everyone can focus on their lives, and help the socially disadvantaged people.

Thanks again to Sian Chay brand ambassadors for supporting the charity work of Sian Chay Medical Institution. Let us work hand in hand in benevolence to bring warmth and happiness to people!

We thank and bless everyone!