Mr. 黄奕欢
Mr. Huang has kindly revealed during an interview that the early year’s directors of Sian Chay Medical Institution, such as 张惜远 and 张文流 who worked for 源和, 郭可济 who worked for 郭福成, 蓝利益 who manage a laundry shop and a pawnshop, invited him to join the board of directors. He was soon elected as the chairman. It is said that Sian Chay medical Institution owed $28,000 at that time, so the directors raised fund by collecting donations while they rode all over Singapore on their bicycles. They even went to Johor to raise funds as many people living there also received medical treatment from the Institution. Soon after, an Indonesian entrepreneur named Mr. 王振煌 and a Famous Singaporean, Mr. 林推迁, donated a building located at 124 Bencoolen Street to institution, the Institution moved from Victoria street to that address in 1916.

Mr. 林生珠
Mr. 林 was the chairman of 10 meetings of the Board of Directors, from the 56th to 65th (1964-1983). When the government took over the building of Sian Chay Medical Institution in 1975, the Board of Directors at that time set up a fundraising committee with林生珠,黄奕欢,郭成源,李竹庵 and 张正义 to raise funds to purchase its present day complex at 610 Geylang Road. The Institution officially moved to its current address in 1979. After retiring when he was advanced in years in 1983, Mr. 林 still stayed on the Board of Directors and helped in the development of the institution until 1991. Passing away in September, 1993, his family members executed his will and contributed $3,680,000 to the National University of Singapore, $2,000,000 to the General Hospital of Singapore and $300,000 to the medical fund of Sian Chay Medical Institution.

Mr. Khoo Swee Poh BBM (L), JP
Mr. Khoo Swee Poh BBM (L), JP, actively involved community service. He has been the chairman of Cairnhill Citizen’s Consultative Committee for more than 20 years since he was first elected in 1965. He took over Mr. 林生珠 as the chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution from 1984 to 2005, During total of 22 years, Mr. Khoo bearded with hardship without complaint and spared no effort in building up a good reputation for the institution.

Mr. 王声邦
Mr. 王声邦 successive held the post of secretary or treasurer from 64th to 72th (1980 – 1997). He dedicated himself to the institution for 18 years until he passed away in 1998. He has been active in the financial sector. During18 Years, no matter how busy he was, he would always devote his free time to the Institution. He also helped in the publicity of the institution at social and commercial functions, and full of enthusiasm about raising funds for the institution.