Blessing for a new marriage, good destiny meets a good heart.

Blessing for a new  marriage,  good destiny meets a good heart.

On 24th February  (Sunday) Mr Liu Yiran and Miss Tian Xingqi held an oath ceremony  at the beautiful East Coast Park. Toh Soon Huat, a Justice of the Peace, was invited to solemnize the wedding ceremony for two newly weds. Under the witness of the families and friends, the ceremony was completed. Mr. Toh Soon Huat also presented a blessing  hongbao to the the couple and expressed his best wishes.

To express their gratitude to Mr. Toh Soon Huat, the couple gave Mr. Toh gave a  hongbao of $200. Mr. Toh Soon Huat donated the hongbao to Sian Chay Medical Institution and thanked the newly weds. The $200 hongbao will sponsor 20 seniors to receive free medical consultation and medication at $10 per love package at Sian Chay Medical Institution

This pair of newly weds was introduced by Ms. Zhou Fan, a volunteer of Sian Chay Medical Institution , to know Toh Soon Huat, a Justice of peace.

Benevolence is a kind of contribution , a habit, giving every contribution to help more people. Blessing to Mr. Liu Yiran, Miss Tian Xingqi, wishing them a happy marriage, lifelong living together , and wishing everyone everlasting happiness.