“Special Love for Special You” – Sian Chay Medical Institution joined the Spring Festival activities of Fernvale Garden School

“Special Love for Special You”
—–Sian Chay Medical Institution joined the Spring Festival activities of Fernvale Garden  School
On 17 January afternoon , Sian Chay’s
New Year Activity, “Special Love to Special You”, was successfully held at the Fernvale Gardens School under the auspices of MINDS.
Dr. Toh Soon Huat JP, Chairman of Sian Chay Medical Institution, Dato’ Seri Dr. Derek Goh , Dato’ Seri Jackson Teo, and Benevolent Ambassadors Ma Yafang, Ms. Zhang Hua, Zhou Pan and Youth Ambassadors Dato’ Sri Sean Wong and Datin Adelyne, and Ms. Wu Liyan, and more than a hundred teachers and students attended the New Year celebrations !
Chairman Toh Soon Huat and the Principal extended their Chinese New Year greetings to the students. Sian Chay Medical Institution not only prepared Chinese New Year goodie bags for the teachers and classmates, but also arranged a variety of performances, including: Mr. Chen Songfeng’s ” Changing Face”, Ms. Wang Lina’s “Violin recital “,  EC’s song “Recent Embrace “, Wang Shimin’s” Wang Zhaojun “, Zhang Ruijing’s” Grandma’s Penghu Bay ” and the wonderful and mysterious” magic “performance, etc., and the ” God of Wealth “also gave hongbaos to everyone present.
Calligraphy enthusiast Li Yanshan wrote for the teachers and classmates the character, “fu”, at the event.
This Chinese New Year’s goodie bags are sponsored by our supporters Mr. Shen Ziqiang and Mr. Wang Jiangyong. The event was a follow up to the open house day on 21 April 2018. Then, Sian Chay Medical Institution sponsored two new stoves and two cabinets. The school principal is particularly grateful. It is also hoped that Sian Chay can continue to support the school’s activities and strengthen the two institutional contacts, mutual assistance and common development. Mr. Toh Soon Huat JP said: “The Sian Chay Medical Institution continues to support Fernvale Garden School. At the same time, the bread  baked by students can be purchased and shared with the elderly in the community, encouraging them to improve their abilities, strengthen their responsibility and develop their potential.
      Chairman Toh has always advocated the five core values ​​of forgiveness , universal love, compassion, gratitude and blessing. Chairman Toh once said: Every life is equal and worthy of being understood, recognized and respected. We live together in the same place. At the beginning of life, we all have ” kindness ” in our hearts. .
On this occasion of the Spring Festival, Sian Chay Medical Institution greets everyone an early new year , and wish everyone in the upcoming Year of the Rat be blessed with endless happiness, boundless harvest , endless smiles , and continued good health . Happy New Year 2020, happy family, good health and good luck!